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first rain, a bliess from my Japanese Queen, Masheng, in lunar 2010


first spring rain in 2010.^last night i enjoy music, esp. Jolin Tsi's songs, after 11pm. the full moon still very bright. in the night i slept sound but woke up by rain drip on the roof. some time after 8am i got up to see the rain. its a small rain, but i guess very valueable for peasant. the cloudy sky still let me doubt, but i m assured its a blessing day.

here my web comments yesterday:
Benzrad Zhu  

Re: @merriemarie what obtained from robber, what lost in shame.

Benzrad Zhu  

Re: @merriemarie its can terrified Chinese cops into bone chill if it occures in China mainland. really awesome to see such a social affair.

Benzrad Zhu  

Re: @merriemarie nature response. hope China mainland sooner sees the spectacular.

Benzrad Zhu  

RT @merriemarie The Most Amazing Chapters of American History Were Written in the Last Seconds Before Midnight“Dependency, unemployment, economic contraction, and socialist politics are a perpetual-motion engine of national decline.”
the author obviously serious about the change and its result in nowadays US, and hold strong the conservative American value. that’s quite on the point.

Benzrad Zhu  

Re: @merriemarie profound precaution which should be treated seriously. Obama can’t evade the probe of American soul guardian.

end of socialism China mainland.

be21zh, bring China abreast 21 Century with democracy

all shits of Chinese most notorious hungry predator, bureaucracy. common Chinese live in danger of being eaten everyday for thousands years, that's why Chinese grossly so docile and shabbily cheap&cheating.; but in this century, the people of China will see its light under God's shine, secure and free, for God sees the innocent among sinful Chinese, for the coming improved modern society, for the glory of freedom of western culture esp. in America. for the endangered spice of handicapped Chinese in enduring and hard working, like Chinese peasants.

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a bright new workday morng. God lets me post my life again. see more freedom in balance. read latest blog about last week's reuniting with baby son.

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Chinese lost in the failure of its traditional&native belief.
by Benzrad Zhu

without religion’s help, Chinese hard to live with modern culture, in which Chinese traditional faith nothing but a failure. world belongs to Christian. without the Christian culture and social structural changes, world, esp. China, no way to stand in the merit of modern era. China, had to shift to new land of belief. that’s its fate in new millennium.

Clipped from
香港人际关系冷漠 母亲与孩子一起自杀频发

这些案件的共同点是涉案人员的孤立感。研究人员普遍认为在携子自杀案中,家长感到没有值得信赖、可以托付孩子的亲友。“在香港,比邻10年却互不相识是很正常的事。”叶兆辉说。虽然社会和心理健康工作者被要求密切关注家有幼童的窘困家长,但专业的救助却解决不了深层次的问题,而且其功用远远无法与强有力的人际支撑网相比。“香港拥挤不堪,”叶兆辉说(香港的人口密度最高时超过了5万人/平方公里),“人与人之间的物理距离非常近,但是心理距离极其遥远

From first rain in lunar 2010
From first rain in lunar 2010
From first rain in lunar 2010
for picasaweb&flickr blocked within China mainland, the shit&dog dominated sinful land, here some digest of photos hosted domestically.

QRRS Dorms after rain.

street after rain.

full moon.

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