benzillar, set to fly, like dragon fly (benzillar) wrote,
benzillar, set to fly, like dragon fly

planning equipped baby with a dell desktop.

try to reach out for gift season.^yesterday sees again gaining from web. after noon break, started to research dell desktop as planed last night. contacted dell sell representative for detail, for its site blocked&broken on China mainland. in the coming hours, tried to contact possible credit lender/leaser among my once friends in QRRS, my once employer. all failed, in sunshine outside, till God lets me know enough of it. baby's mom got irritated at once as usual when i attempting introduce my plan. never i would allow another woman as messy as her in my life. the monitor in office bought a car&shown nearby with his colleagues. i know no one's gift can be ascribed to mine, the Son.

God, let the coming season brings surprise to my Royal! God, let warmth of share of ur shine prevailing in the winter of 2010. God, bring me my new family!

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