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winning in season -posted on Apr 17, 2011

repentance in peaceful night. <http://benzrad.amplify.com/>^last night
before went to bed, God shows me my self-poised crashing baby son, warrenzh
朱楚甲's space. i saw his need to live unbiased and independently fresh. i saw
his deep love to his dad, me. after went to bed, i found all the mistakes
the rain he made was in fact my fault, my unable to accompany him to game
and fun finding. i saw my too proactive a fake cause to stay with him, Hope
of China, God of Universe, full heart and full time. on bed i pray God to
let baby know my repentance at once while i can't buzz him for too late. i
pray God meaningful tomorrow will bring more joys when we gather together,
pray God let me less commit cheap utterance that can lead me astray.
Its a sunny morning now. God, let my mistake meaningless, restore baby son's
lightening heart and pure of joy. God, forever u see all facts and
definitions predated. God, bring baby son his dell game desktop, that
seemingly even urgent for my acer notebook now frequently power down when
gaming, likely its video card too hot. we need a sound gaming gear.

17/4/2011an official spring rain. <http://wozon.amplify.com/>^last week busy
with hunting for downloadable pc games for son. also launched to backup
source file of family album to google picasaweb. baby son yet recovered from
cold, so his mom refused him to visit my dorm. i managed to visit him twice
in the week, for joy of great games. last night i busy in my ditched office
later than 8:30pm, listened music and rest in dorm lately. i let the window
open when i went to bed, in dawn i woke up among rain drops' noise outside.
its the largest rain so far in spring 2011, and i saw so many blisses in it.
in dawn i dreamed of my college campus. Wujiang, one of my Nankai university
alumni and now a professor in US, contacted a visiting faculty selling
ginseng aside a lake. i was at a loss for my alumni swim skill better than
mine. in the afternoon after i returned from baby's mom's house, i dozed on
bed in dorm, dreamed of my past mother's affirmative love which protects me
from any insane seduce. its a large rain and last so long, when i blogging
here i wondered how to visit my baby son, whose house 4 bus stops from here.
God, bring my son a dell game desktop as he asked. bring my girls so sweat
in my heart and memory. leading me to the brighter life ahead, and more
bliss in surest glory.
buzzed baby for the possible detaining by rain, but he insisted my visit. so
launched after breakfast in canteen. with borrowed ¥10, i took bus then
walked in drizzle and arrived. baby watching animation online, i waited
aside some time, then we played pc game, a Japanese air combat. after some
turns, i told baby i felt flat, asked for accomplishing my own tasks. all
the day busy with uploading family album to google picasaweb, also restored
his mom's notebook os from backup. baby lately engaged with watching an
animation trying reiterating legend of Chinese traditional zodiac. the Made
in China product quite sinister in propagation, so i quit baby and told him
sins in Chinese, and everlasting seduce from demons' against the holy. i
warned him be cautious on Chinese culture products, urged him less waste
time on the shits, where bureaucracy is its main theme and obsession, and
dirt in ordinary Chinese souls which blind from YHWH by poor quality
polytheism, and sufferings as punishment for the blind. baby listened
carefully, while his mom rushed to shift him away from me. i lately showered
in public bathroom, returned to dorms in time for dinner. after enjoyed jog
around the dorm, i sorted recent photos, then blogged till now.
God, purify baby son with saint readings, rid him off trash of traditional
and new craps from PRC, or any sinister nowadays against my Empire of China
ahead. God, forever powerful and holiest with son, warrenzh, Hope of China,
God of Universe, God, u see it.

9/4/2011dreamed of past dad preparing his sons for
in dawn. my past dad in good mood, preparing my 2 elder brothers and me to
travel to his another workplace for trade. we all have nice parcels and
baggages. kid brother and my baby son likely also enjoyed short gathering
before depart. the villagers watched our launch of march with envy. Its a
windy sunny morning while i missed breakfast, and i due to visit baby and
entertain him with pc games now.

7/4/2011benzrad's comment on the day. fool's play for world hero in PRC's
doomed outreach in this
from be21zh | Tumblr <http://be21zh.tumblr.com/>

China losing on inconsistent with American platform, comparing booming
Indian tech human force in US, and loss gaining weightily till it can't
afford in future, till the last straw smashes again the bony mule drug,
smuggling, forgery and tortures, ie. lawless addicted like a century ago,
humiliated again against its official textbook whitewashed recent history,
reveals the truth of gapping wound and vulnerable indispensable in root
Chinese. China with its current fake socialism doomed to be buried in coming
decade. People in the world will see PRC's barking in the corner as funny as
fool's play, or dog's tail self-chase.
the world tomorrow, undebatable the one world under God's shine. glory once
on US forever cherished by global citizen that's reasonable and responsible.
God, one God, YHWH, clearly shows the road under Heaven ever-bright.

永中科技一周后破产清算 叫板Office成追忆 <http://www.cnbeta.com/articles/139326.htm>

See this Amp at http://amplify.com/u/by67b

From Spring 2011 in a
From Spring 2011 in a
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