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summer 2011 is ending in golden memory.

10/8/2011dreamed battled with a witch all the dawn, after a drizzled
hunted by a woman mage. I tried to hit the raged woman with fire ball but
frequently unable to detonate it on time. the morning is touchingly bright,
after last dusk's drizzle. in last sunset holy message shows me on a
bleeding tree that my girls' being one with me, their praying for me, for my
presence after gothered and reinforced will power to join me. that's my way
to reunite with my best beloved Queens in my Empire reset for 1109 years
ahead. the drizzle started after I just settled on a bench in the dorms'
garden. the drizzle shallowly baptized me in its prelude, with bliss from my
deepest lover, Asoh Yukiko from Japan, the renewing land.

9/8/2011benzrad comment in cyberspace on the trail among northern
Chinese. <>^riveryog神泉扶明宫(朱子卓)<>:in
north, esp northeastern China, dogs rampant. they r the main source of mafia
among current society and dog system in nowadays PRC government, an covert
black market trading anything including human lives and all demons and sick
appetite. in southern China, people cooperate for common benefits for
circumstance. in northern China, scarcity chases beasts on the land
constantly barking to protect their individual food chain, or reversely,
barking dogs scattered on the highland let anything insufficient upon
insatiable storage competition.

北风 (@wenyunchao) <>: RT @poorstone:

7/8/2011dreamed of closely watched G.Bush. <>^dreamed
in dawn living closely with G.Bush, the former American President and father
of another American President. he just published his autobiography and
trying finding new way to enjoy life. his wife Babara, even stronger in mind
now, grows vegetable and sold to me. I told her I needn't a full bunch of
scallion, but she actively persuaded more sales to me in her house when I
visiting. they demonstrates the loyalty merits of American people.

2/8/2011dreamed of movie. <>^visit baby son in dusk
yesterday. prepared him new games on his legacy desktop. when I arrived, his
mom likely intimately contacting son, for they both felt interrupted by my
visit. returned to QRRS dorm, after busy with sorting my os, possible sins
in baby's mom's education over baby son let me awake quite some time. this
dawn dreamed of watching a movie including 2 female actors, Miriam Yeung
杨千烨,舒琪 and a man I closely watching. superficially its a movie of love, but
in fact, its about fake love, be exactly, about gay, lesbian. I saw the
genic glory God puts in man, while the merit of female in supportive,
hospitality. I also see the inherited subtle difference and different
achievements among Hongkong, Taiwan, and mainland of China.
yesterday It mainly bright. but when I left baby's mom house near 8pm, it
drizzled. now Its a promising sunny morning. God, bring me my new family
with my girls that praying for our living together. bring my son a dell game
desktop u promised.
benzrad comment in cyberspace on the day.famine in Africa needs world more
helping hands. <>^riveryog神泉扶明宫(朱子卓)<>:apple
and Jobs doomed to fall, sink in no name in quite short timespan. its just
too evil and dirty in mind control in the shits heap.

原文 <>

31/7/2011a drizzling afternoon. <>^baby son spent a
night with pc games in my QRRS dorm. breakfast in KFC on way. returning to
his mom's house. lots of bliss in air in the Saturday, when it soothed our
longings with clouds and drizzles. work load just completed, so fine!

30/7/2011dreamed of my passed dad, God in Heaven. <>^in
the dream I first tried to negotiate to buy failing and losing state-owned
property, then join a celebrating dancing team and passing my hometown
village, Zhudajiu, where my beaming dad just discussing important issues
with his patriots, other villagers. he glad to see me growing in social
relation. he is so vivid in the dream, that I had to blog the dream after
got up. I also find sexuality in the dancing girl, likely of minor tribe
Mongolian, ahead me.

29/7/2011dreamed of baby son, and my passed dad's enemies in his
another thunderstorm brought lots of rainfall in the sultry summer, just
among my busy progress to update my google sites to incorporate recent
changes of my profile online. its just too auspicious a day with Asoh
Yukiko, as well as my Royal China. in this dawn dreamed of dad's hometown
with my best beloved baby son. I arranged him to exercise some sports game,
in disadvantage of my passed dad's sinful challengers, mostly offspring of
the dark house owner in front of my dad's old house, a treasure of my old
memories, financially got well-being by following my dad's business there.
baby son never failed me, with his smartness, his diligence. I clearly see
the bliss and promising. Its a bright morning now.

28/7/2011dreamed of losing sight. <>^last night its
started to rain hard when I settled on bed. in dawn dreamed of suffering
eyes sight and almost go blind. dreamed watching a movie in open space and
sat aside a girl once worked in QRRS as an interpretor. joined canteen in
time but 2 cops close sat aside same table to eat breakfast. they arrived
later than I, so likely tentatively arranged.
27/7/2011dreamed married my Japanese girl. <>^last
night it rained when I launched to save my offical google profile
after reported violating its commmunity name rule. in the dawn dreamed of
living in Japan in my girl's house. she has a quite blessing father. we
kissing and intimate everywhere, including behind the father-in-law's
presence. after some tests by the dad, we married. I felt almost sure the
Japanese girl is my Crowned Queen of Royal China, Asoh Yukiko. Its a pale
morning, but I know Asoh's touching and tendering love from Heaven.

25/7/2011benzrad comment in cyberspace on the day.abuse and murdering
everyday in current China mainland. <>^
riveryog神泉扶明宫(朱子卓) <>:no redemption can save the
lost. except the downturn of PRC with its dictation and fake faith of
邱毅 <>:大陸前鐵道部長劉志軍因貪腐下台後,溫州動車追撞不僅重創大陸高鐵神話,也使鐵道運輸安全出現警訊。試想事件若發生在時速超過300公里的高鐵,會造成何等傷亡?當年劉志軍好大喜功,想爭世界第一,將
實驗速度 作為 營運速度 的非常規決策,擴張投資熱衷財務槓桿的操作,現在都應該做深切檢討。

22/7/2011benzrad comment in cyberspace on the day.famine in Africa needs
world more helping hands.
sins, how could save arrives here?
华尔街日报中文网(华尔街日报)新媒体 <>:【图集:索马里大饥荒】-
沙拉德(Aden Salaad)坐在澡盆中望着正给他洗澡的母亲。 原文<>

6/7/2011benzrad comment in cyberspace on the day.a new scandal in PRC's
mainstream. <>^riveryog神泉扶明宫(朱子卓)<>:u
shouldn't blame her, for she is a common girl, like any beautiful girls on
the street. she should be rewarded for disclose dark curtail from upper clad
in sinful PRC and their manipulations. any girls, esp in their seasons,
blessed with their dream of a better life on the earth, in the society. the
unbearable losing is the broken social logic which allowing buying young and
beautiful lives via money and abuse of state power.


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From summer is time
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