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a lengthy dream in dawn about manipulation between QRRS authority and
dreamed of the authority of QRRS, my once and long time employer, attempted
to shape my way by contacts. then dreamed a staff of the communist youth
league of QRRS editing my novel I submitted for a composition competition.
then he turned into a girl of my hometown village, trying being friend me.
when i woke up, its a warm and bright morning. its monday before National
Day of PRC. i gathered my recent records for the publish for promising on
horizon in new light. God, now its cloudy in the afternoon, bring my girls
my love and promise. bring our warm family sooner!

18/9/2011benzrad comment in cyberspace on the day.doomed Chinese engineers
and IT industry, with their inherited
also hell with PRC. core sin is the fake atheism, socialism imported from
old crap of Russia and Germany. sinful engineers nowadays still an ally of
communist partisan, all innocent Chinese will laugh with tears on the day
the wrecked sunk shabby construction drains the last dirty and dark
conglomerates on China mainland, the scarred land since the fall of Ming
Dynasty, a treasure of my ancestor in title Zhu <http://zhu.be21zh.org/>.
benzrad <http://plus.google.com/101819970074448522160>, the
here attest the fate of China as an Empire
his title for 1109 years in future.

*为什么中国的程序员技术偏低* <http://www.cnbeta.com/articles/155374.htm> - cnBeta.COM

14/9/2011dreamed of my youngest elder sister.
full of bliss. but darkness in son's mom's heart, esp. her greediness really
annoyed me when I in need or financially pinched by short term short of
currency these days. long time i made it i will never look back into her
life or business, and indeed avoided her dirt and trouble since our divorce.
after some reviews, i decided not to encounter her sinister plots. this
morning God woke me up earlier, shoot a photo of the early full moon through
my window in dawn light. then napped again. dreamed in my kid elder sister's
house. i love her very much and she did so back. when i busy with preparing
my son something, she was electrically shocked by wrecked socket on wall.
Its a touchingly milk washing shiny Autumn morning, thx God.

13/9/2011dreamed of being sieged by mob&cheating
last night restless on bed. in the dawn dreamed in campus mistakenly ate a
street vendor's food and hijacked into government agent for judge. a man and
a woman dubiously trying to settle our conflict, but just cheating and
profiting for the troubled water. after the vendors, in first look a couple
but according the agency's message the man is a hooligan member charging to
rent their protection, left me, and the agent attempted to make deal with
me, i was sieged by mop of Chinese on way escaping. its a pale morning now.
God, u see all the sins around me, the Son and his Royal of China. God,
killing likely brewing but intact is the heart of loving. God, let's do it,
for changes in new years and grace in new lives.
12/9/2011sunny mid-Autumn holiday. <http://blog.zhuson.com/>^these days
engaged myself with full load of d/l of games, and most of moments with baby
son full of joy of playing these beautiful softwares and visions it carries.
this morning baby son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, owner of warozhu.com and wozon.net,
buzzed in when i still lately napping, urged me visit him sooner to join pc
games. its a extraordinary warm Autumn day, also lunar Mid-Autumn holiday,
so i can lingered with son most of the holiday which exactly means gathering
for traditional Chinese. the grandma prepared lunch. son ate more than
usual, after we broke gameplay for the dinner. his mom still busy with her
pupils, while we made progress in pc game "garteling gears", a favorite for
armored robotic combat fans like us, after many sweating failures. when his
mom urged my leaving for they are going shopping outside, son refused my
kissing his cheek but obviously relaxed by those games we played together
all the morning. on bus and in QRRS dorm, when i facing my computer alone,
sorrow debt to my girls haunting me again. i know my girls' willing my
messages and our promised family. so i blogged again here after so much
contented weeks and nights by my son's companion&visit, including those
beautiful pc games. God, u know how i expect change in my life prepared for
my girls, for my Royal of China as an Empire reset for 1109 years ahead,
under glorious family name Zhu's, a resume to brilliant history since Ming
Dynasty, built from scratch by Zhu Yuanzhang, my legendary ancestor. God, u
know how my heart weighted by missing and soaring thirsts for my girls in
praying our union in our promised lavish wedding ceremony. God, u know all
these is the fate of one Chinese of one China under ur shine, never seen
grace and glory.
so here again, wind of cool and clear and blessing, brings my girls my word,
my heart never close for their perfume, their shiny descending, my way to
the throng never evades my girls' companion. my dearest, just let the Mighty
angels clear barriers and pave the carpet for greater grace in our coming
lives. i missing u and forging ever stronger linkage among us every moments
in my suffering here as God trains. brave heart save u, my dearest!

5/9/2011dreamed of my grand dad who is serious in
I lingered in a poor countryside latrine pit when I napped while downloading
in this shinny morning. my kid brother was brought by our dad, who is
serious, from his recent diarrhea and still let him half bent his waist when
walking, with his baggage on back, to sent him away to fetch his national
college entrance exam score from his school. my brother told me he will
bring my teenage friend to accompany me, but I didn't respond but just
wondering my lost item in the shits pool. dad shown his loving me in dream.

21/8/2011Pray for ever-green energy among the
warm sunny afternoon. God, bring me fresh monuments in our gatherings among
son, warrenzh's budding life. free me off trifle and meaningless rush
against orthodox smothering in PRC's mainstream now. God, see ur untouchable
glory in our eyes. son, warrenzh, owner of warozhu.com and wozon.net, now in
his mom's hometown journey, blesses him fortune of lightning heart and deep
benzrad conversation in cyberspace on the day.
[image: benzrad zhu's profile photo] <http://profiles.google.com/dabbog>benzrad
zhu <https://plus.google.com/101819970074448522160> Aug 9, 2011
in north, esp northeastern China, dogs rampant. they r the main source of
mafia and dog system in nowadays PRC government.:
[image: Kaurana Nathalie Merle's profile
Nathalie Merle <https://plus.google.com/104364710985043058656> much divine
energy to you in china! 8:11 AM (edited)
[image: benzrad zhu's profile
zhu <https://plus.google.com/101819970074448522160> thx, surely my happiest
moment is in one with the Holy. 10:21 AM
[image: Kaurana Nathalie Merle's profile
Nathalie Merle <https://plus.google.com/104364710985043058656> :))))) 3:43
[image: Kaurana Nathalie Merle's profile
Nathalie Merle <https://plus.google.com/104364710985043058656> could you
explain dog system? thank you :) hope you have a lovely day....4:15 PM
[image: benzrad zhu's profile photo] <http://profiles.google.com/dabbog>benzrad
zhu <https://plus.google.com/101819970074448522160> cops and bureaucracy,
and undermined fake representations in governing or constitution bought from
Red Revolution near a century ago, both prey common civilian in totalitarian
nations, by monopolizing their gangsters (as an obvious characteristic of
dog, on the contrary Christian prefers solitary redemption from God.),
separating&dissolving normal social bandage into docile individuals, for the
sake of their massive abuse of sole state power. 4:35 PM

19/8/2011a dream in dawn in which my dad, now in Heaven, stayed with me
longest. <http://riveryog.blog.163.com/>^Yesterday I tried to unlocked my
163 and qq blog blocked under censorship by China surveillance. in the
process I asked one of my qq online contacts to help me verify my mending at
same time. the bitchy site owner also in my family name Zhu, irritated me
with his narrow acid spying mind, so we exchanged some stingy words. the sky
darkened since them. after dinner I risked raining to jog out routinely.
when I passed my ditched office, it turned sunny again. so I dropped in the
office and found the employer dispatching a suite for its staff and I was
not evaded. brought the gift I packed to visit my son, just after our
Tuesdays' visit when son called me to rid him of the sinful grandma's
custody while his mom occupied by her school duty. this dawn dreamed I
competed soccer with QRRS pals team, with my family. then my passed dad, God
in Heaven now, serving me for most time when I enjoyed delicacy while sat
atop a cliff waiting for my son's visit. my dad contented&smiled with full
hearts' joys all time. its now a sunny morning and I know God's promising.
God, bring my girls sooner into our new marriages. let son sooner enjoy his
new dell game desktop. let me treat son with his pals with buffet in new
holiday ahead. God, dad, I love u. this my gratefulness in witness of Asoh
Yukiko, my Queens of Royal China from Japan.

From Autumn 2011 & late summer
From Autumn 2011 & late summer
From Autumn 2011 & late summer
From Autumn 2011 & late summer
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term.]<http://www.flickr.com/photos/birdous/6161834004/> See
the full gallery on

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Nov. 1st, 2011 03:52 pm (UTC)
Love your site man keep up the good work

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